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2 rm. apartment of 80 m²
Odense NØ, Fyrreparken
5.345 DKK10 minutes ago
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Find available properties for rent in Odense with BoligPortal

On this page, you will find the total collection of available properties for rent in Odense. BoligPortal has Denmark's largest selection of rental properties , with thousands of new listings each month. These include both rooms , houses , townhouses , and apartments for rent . As such, you can expect to find the right rental property for your likings at our platform.

We also offer more specific types of accommodation than the general categories listed above. No matter which type of rental property or apartment in Odense that you are on the outlook for, you can narrow down your search to include specific criteria. This is done by using filtering to add search criteria unique to your tastes and requirements.

Are you on the outlook for specific types of properties in Odense?

This page covers all types of rental properties in Odense. This means that it could benefit your overview of relevant properties to narrow down your search. Choose between the following types of rental properties in Odense by ticking them off on the left-hand side: Rooms , houses , townhouses , and apartments for rent in Odense . When you choose a specific subset of property categories, your search results will automatically update.

Find rental properties in Odense at BoligPortal – quickly and easily

We generally recommend utilizing the tools available for your search. By doing so, you will be able to find the right rental property in Odense with ease. Learn more about our search tools and approaches down below.

Refine your search by filtering in accordance with your criteria

To create a better overview of rental properties in Odense relevant to your budget, situation, and preferences, we recommend taking a look at the filtering criteria that you can apply to your search. You find these criteria in the left-hand side of the page.

For instance, you can apply a filter for pet-friendly apartments or you can look at properties for students. It is also possible to only view shareable listings or furnished properties for rent in Odense.

Activate search agent and never miss out on relevant properties for rent in Odense

After having applied a filter to your search, the natural next step is to activate a free Property Agent , which will alert you whenever there is a match among new listings uploaded to the site. You will receive these alerts via email, after having activated your search agent in the orange box at the top of the page.

Before activating your search agent, be sure to double check your requirements in the left-hand side of the page: By doing so, you can make sure not to miss receiving alerts that could have been of interest to you.

Safely search for your new rental property in Odense at BoligPortal

All listings on BoligPortal are manually validated by our skilled customer service staff before they are published on the website. This is because we value your security and peace of mind. We swear by the philosophy that it should be both easy and safe finding your new home.

Additionally, we respect your privacy and take great care of your data. This is of course done in accordance with current GDPR.

Reasons to rent your next apartment

Why should you rent? The benefits of renting accommodation are plentiful. This is also the reason why many choose to move into a rental property instead of buying property.

As a tenant, you do not have to bind yourself for a large amount of money and therefore rarely need to raise loans. You are also not required to take care of the external maintenance of the property.

In addition, you can relocate fairly quickly. Did you know that you in Denmark can get financial assistance for your rent? Renting accommodation therefore gives you both freedom and flexibility.

Rentals for every individual

Different stages of life require different types of rental homes. This is something we appreciate at BoligPortal. Because of this, we have a wide range of different types of rental homes.

Whether you want something small and cozy, something with space for the whole family or maybe want to join a shared house accomodation - we have the rental property that suits you.

Where in Odense should you find properties for rent?

Odense offers a variety of different neighborhoods, all of which have their own advantages and unique vibes. Below, you find a short introduction to some of the different areas of Odense.

You can rent out rooms in your rented property in Odense

After having rented the rental property in Odense of your choosing, you can freely and without charge rent out rooms in the apartment. This is especially a good idea if you have gotten your hands on a large rental property in Odense, which is on the heavier side budget-wise.

When you list part of your rented property via BoligPortal, we take great care of you throughout the rental process. We offer digital services to give you the best possible conditions for getting a handle on the rental. For instance, we offer a free digital rental contract , which will help you in creating a legally binding contract.

Good luck with finding the right rental property in Odense

We wish you the best of luck in your continued search for the right property for rent in Odense. We hope to see you succeed, and are more than happy to help if you have any questions or doubts throughout the process.

You can contact our skilled customer support team via email, messaging or phone every day of the week.

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