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3 rm. apartment of 102 m²
Aarhus C, Sonnesgade
10.995 DKK3 hours ago
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Find available properties for rent in Aarhus with BoligPortal

Rental accommodation is a popular choice in Aarhus, and at BoligPortal, you find a great overview of currently available properties for rent. Above, you find our current selection, which extensively covers the city and suburbs of Aarhus. Our selection of properties is constantly updated, which makes your chances of finding your next rental property in Aarhus great.

Did you know that BoligPortal is the biggest platform for rental properties in Denmark ? We offer a variety of different types of accommodation, namely townhouses , houses , apartments and rooms for rent . As such, your search for the right rental property is in good hands.

On our site, we also offer more specific types of accommodation, if you have any special requirements in mind. Take a look at our page structure and use filtering to create more specific searches unique to your tastes and preferences.

Are you on the outlook for specific types of properties in Aarhus?

This page covers all rental properties currently available in Aarhus. However, if you are only looking for certain types of properties, take a look at the ‘category’ overview in the left-hand side of the page. Here, you can choose between housing of the following categories: Rooms , houses , townhouses , and apartments for rent in Aarhus .

Find rental properties in Aarhus at BoligPortal – quickly and easily

Although Aarhus is a popular city, the rental market is very navigable, and you can quickly and easily find rental properties in Aarhus for reasonable price points and with great location. This is especially true if you utilize the tools and approaches in your search as highlighted below.

Refine your search by filtering in accordance with your criteria

The first step towards a better overview of relevant rental properties in Aarhus is to include your personal criteria in your search. You can do this in the left-hand side of the page, where you can pick from a variety of optional search requirements.

You can for instance tick off that your future apartment or rental property in Aarhus should be accessible via elevator/lift, or you can choose if you would like the apartment to be furnished. Depending on your preferences, you can filter using as many or as few search criteria as you wish.

Activate search agent and never miss relevant properties for rent

After having applied a filter to your search result that fits your idea of your rental property to-be, we recommend activating a free Property Agent . You do that by clicking in the orange box in the top left corner.

Subsequently, you will receive automatic alerts via email, whenever new listings for rental properties in Aarhus match your criteria.

Safely search for your new rental property in Aarhus

At BoligPortal, we care for your safety and wish to provide a good search experience when it comes to finding housing in Aarhus. As such, we take the following precautions in order to ensure a feeling of security.

  • We manually validate all listings before publishing them on our site. This means that you can trust the validity of each listing and make contact with relevant landlords with peace of mind.
  • We also strictly abide by the current GDPR. This means that your data is safe and that we value your privacy.

All you need to know about living in Aarhus

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. The city is popularly referred to as “Smilets By”, which translates to “City of Smiles”. As such, you can expect friendly neighbors and passersby wherever you go.

Home to the acclaimed research and educational facility, Aarhus University, you can expect a lively and youthful atmosphere in the city, where students – international and local – make up a good chunk of the inhabitants. Combined with the plentiful residential areas and cultural offers that cater to families, singles and elderly citizens, Aarhus is a place for everyone.

Get familiar with the different areas of Aarhus

Aarhus offers a range of different areas, both urban and more residential. We have put together a short introductory section that goes over some of the places where you might consider residing at.

  • With a property for rent in Frederiksbjerg, you will be met by wide boulevards and squares. Every Wednesday and Saturday, you will find a great chunk of the area converted into a flea market with fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and much more from around 60 different small local producers.
  • The Latin Quarter is part of the city center and consists of cobbled streets and old half-timbered houses that create a unique atmosphere. Here you will find something for both the shopaholics and the food-lovers.
  • The harbor front in Aarhus has long been dedicated to industry and ferry service, but a makeover has resulted in Aarhus' youngest district: Aarhus Ø. Owned housing and rentals in Aarhus Ø are popular, due to both the central location and the fabulous view of Aarhus Bay.
  • A little way north of the city center lies Trøjborg. The district has Riis Forest and the coastline as neighbors. If you end up with a rental property in Trøjborg there is ample opportunity to spend quality time outdoors. After enjoying the fresh air, you can go to the restaurants, bars or to the cinema at Tordenskjoldsgade.

You can rent out rooms in your rented property in Aarhus

At BoligPortal, you can rent out rooms in your rented property or apartment. This is practical if you end up renting a rental property that is too big or too expensive for your budget. By listing one or more rooms in the property for rent, you can cut down on the amount you pay in rent by.

We wish you to succeed, and therefore offer a range of digital services that may help with the practicalities of renting out part of your rented property. For instance, we offer a free digital rental contract that follows the judicial requirements.

Good luck with finding the right rental property in Aarhus

We hope you find the right rental property in Aarhus for your likings at BoligPortal. Remember that we always wish to see you succeed in your search for the right housing opportunity: Therefore, our customer service team is ready to assist you throughout the week by means of email, phone or messaging.

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