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Student housing in Odense

296 results
296 results
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1 rm. apartment of 42 m²
Odense C, Vesterbro
3.664 DKK4 hours ago
1 rm. apartment of 45 m²
Odense C, Vestre Stationsvej
5.550 DKK9 hours ago
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Find student housing in Odense with BoligPortal

Above, you find our collection of currently available student housing in Odense. If you are looking for something that can accommodate you during your studies in Odense, you have come to the right place: This is due to the fact that we have the largest platform for rental accomodation in Denmark. These rental properties include rooms , apartments , houses , and townhouses – as well as accommodation well-suited for life as a student.

Below, you find everything you will need in your search for the right student housing, whether that be a student apartment in Odense, a room, or something else. We have all sorts of student accomodation that you may find interesting, so take a good look.

Are you on the outlook for specific types of student housing in Odense?

On our site, we categorize student housing as rental properties in the categories of apartments and rooms for less than 6000 DKK. As such, we have sought to only show you accommodation in Odense which is compatible with life as a student.

You can however adjust your search to get an overview that fits your criteria exactly. For instance, you can choose to include houses and townhouses in your search in the left hand side of the page under the headline ‘category’. Likewise, you can remove either apartments or rooms from your search terms if you are only interested in one of these categories of student housing in Odense.

Find student housing for rent in Odense, quickly and easily

It does not have to be difficult to find the right student accommodation, even though it can feel that way. Especially if you come from abroad, you can benefit from reading up on our tips and tricks for quickly and easily finding student housing.

Refine your search by filtering in accordance with your criteria

In the left hand side of the page, you can find a variety of criteria that you can use in your overview on the page. Whenever you tick off a criteria in the column, your overview will automatically update to only include housing that fits the specified criteria.

The possibilities range widely. For instance, you can filter for furnished student housing in Odense or you can choose to only see student apartments that are shareable. Whatever fits your criteria, we recommend that you add in your filter. In doing so, you will easily be able to get an overview of relevant student housing.

Activate search agent to be automatically alerted when new student housing in Odense becomes available

After having filtered in your search results, we recommend you to activate a free Search Agent . With a search agent, you will automatically be alerted whenever new listings that fit your criteria become available on the site.

You activate your agent in the top left corner of the page. After doing so, you only have to check your email inbox as you normally would, in order to receive alerts. This means that you no longer have to keep updated on the site, as any relevant information will reach your inbox.

Safely search for your new student housing in Odense

At BoligPortal, you can safely search for your next student accommodation. We value your security and safety, for instance with the following measures:

  • We manually validate all listings on the site. This means that you will always be able to trust the validity of each unique student rental at BoligPortal – and, of course, our rental properties in general.

  • Your data is also something we treat with respect and handle with care. In this regard, we of course always adhere to the current GDPR.

Where in Odense should you find student accommodation?

Below, we have made an introductory overview addressed to newcomers to the city of Odense. There, you will find a short overview of some of the different areas and neighborhoods in Odende, where you can find student housing.

  • If you will be studying at the university, it may be nice to live closeby. Take a look at our rental properties in Odense M located near the city center. This neighborhood is home to the local University, Syddansk Universitet.

  • Another relevant location would be to look for student housing in the city center- This is especially reasonable if you like to live near the heart of a city. Take a look at our rental properties in Odense C and see if any of them matches your wishes.

If you are not passionate about any particular area of Odense, it is also a solid choice to stay on the current site to scout out the different options.

You can rent out rooms in your rented student apartment in Odense

If you only find student apartments that are a bit too big or too expensive for your preferences, there is no need to necessarily scrap them completely. Some of these could be relevant, especially if you choose to rent out one or more rooms in the apartment.

At BoligPortal, it is free of charge to list your rental property or parts of it on BoligPortal. This is useful for you, since this makes it easy to find roomies and cut down on expenses as a result of it. At the same time, this will give you a good basis when it comes to building a social network in Odense.

When you rent out via BoligPortal, we help you in getting a handle on all the details. This is something that we do in order to make the experience of renting out part of your rental property as pleasant as possible.

For instance, we offer a free digital rental contract , which will make it easy for you to create a legally binding contract. We also offer what is known as a digital moving report , which allows you to make both a move-in and move-out report when that time comes.

Good luck with finding the right student housing opportunity in Odense at BoligPortal

We would like to wish you the best of luck in your continued search for the right student housing opportunity in Odense. Remember that we would like you to succeed in your search for the right student accomodation – be that a student apartment or a room.

Because your search for housing is our passion, remember that you can contact our competent customer support team at any point. This is especially useful if you need help or clarification in any way. Contact us via email, phone or chat, all days of the week.

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