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Student housing in Copenhagen

264 results
264 results
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1 room of 26 m²
København NV, Svanevej
4.600 DKK4 hours ago
1 room of 20 m²
Glostrup, Emilsvej
4.700 DKK5 hours ago
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Find student housing in Copenhagen with BoligPortal

Above, you will find our current selection of available student housing in Copenhagen. The city of Copenhagen is a popular destination for students of all types of studies and nationalities, including exchange students. Because of this, the hunt for good student accomodation can seem challenging.

However, at BoligPortal, you have great chances of finding the right type of student housing, for instance in terms of rooms or shareable apartments. This is because we are the biggest platform for rental accommodation in Denmark. Our rental properties range from rooms and apartments to houses and townhouses . As such, there is something for everyone.

Are you on the outlook for specific types of student housing in Copenhagen?

Everything can in principle function as student accommodation in Copenhagen. Most likely, however, you would like to live in something affordable that makes sense in the context of being a student in Copenhagen.

For this page, we have chosen to define student housing in terms of apartments and rooms in Copenhagen for a maximum price of 6000 DKK. However, if you are also interested in houses or townhouses in Copenhagen , you are of course free to add these by ticking them off in the left hand column.

Find student housing for rent in Copenhagen, quickly and easily

Finding student accommodation in Copenhagen does not have to be neither slow nor challenging. Even though the rental market is popular, and though big cities such as Copenhagen are suffering from increases in pricing, you can get a hand of good student accomodation with the right approaches in your search. Learn more about this in the following sections.

Refine your search by filtering in accordance with your criteria

You can make a search specific to your tastes and requirements by filling out the filtering criteria on the left hand side of the page. For instance, you may want to change the current criteria of student housing in Copenhagen for a maximum of 6000 DKK, or you may want to add additional criteria: For instance, you can choose to only see furnished apartments or rental properties that are shareable.

When you add new terms to your search, the filter is applied automatically. As such, it is easy to go back and forth between different criteria to see how each influences the results.

Activate search agent to be automatically alerted when new student housing is available

We generally recommend activating a free Search Agent whenever you are on the outlook for specific accommodation. This is especially the case when looking for cheap student housing or student apartments in Copenhagen.

Get started with your free agent by filling out your criteria in the left hand side. When you are satisfied, you can activate your personal agent in the orange box in the top left corner.

Safely search for your new student housing in Copenhagen

At BoligPortal, your safety and security are some of our top priorities. Because of this, we continually validate all listings posted on the site: This means that, before they become available for you to see, we have already approved them.

We also take great care when it comes to your data and privacy. In this regard, we of course always follow the current GDPR.

Where in Copenhagen should you find student accommodation?

Copenhagen, or “København” as the city is called in Danish, offers a wide variety of neighborhoods. Each has their own unique qualities, so do not hesitate to dive deeper into the advantages of different suburbs and areas of Copenhagen.

If you are on the outlook for something central, take a look at some of the following areas: Nørrebro , Vesterbro or København K .

However, be aware that many of the more affordable options for student housing in Copenhagen entail moving to some of the suburbs in the outskirts of Copenhagen. For instance, take a look at the rental properties in Rødovre , Hvidovre or Vanløse .

You can rent out rooms in your rented student apartment in Copenhagen

A common choice of student accommodation in Copenhagen is having shared apartments. As such, you can rent an apartment in Copenhagen and subsequently rent out one or more of the rooms. This is a good idea, since you both gain a valuable social network on the homefront and can cut down on the price of rent.

When you rent out via BoligPortal, you are in good hands. We help you in getting everything sorted out. For instance, we provide a free digital rental contract , which makes it easy for you to get every detail correct. We also offer you the chance of keeping track of everything with our digital moving report , which allows you to make both move-in and move-out reports .

Good luck with finding the right student housing opportunity in Copenhagen at BoligPortal

At BoligPortal, we would like to wish you good luck with your hunt for the right student housing – be that a room, a student apartment, or some kind of dorm.

Remember that we wish you to succeed in finding the right student housing opportunity, and that our customer support team is ready to help you if you need it. We can be reached via email, phone, or chatting, all days of the week.

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